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Lan Lamphere's Personal Journal

I began keeping a personal journal at the beginning of 2014 as a way to document some events in my life and changes to my perspective on the world, and the people in it. I don’t hold back anymore. I say exactly what I think or know to be true based on my own personal experience. Some people will find my demeanor to be a problem for them. Not my problem.  Also, it serves as therapy.


Lan Lamphere's Video Production

Having a rich history in Photography, I wanted to take my talents to the next level. So I taught myself video production which included shooting, lighting, script writing, direction, editing and motion video graphics. I’m very good at what I do due to my OCD. I’m available for hire but.. I’m not cheap.


Lan Lamphere's Photography Stories

Since I was a kid I’ve had a camera in my hand. I started off with a Kodak 110 camera and I learned how to use it in short order. I’ve always had an eye for imagery which I’ve liberally combined with my stories of humanity, nature and personal struggle and toil. I love to focus my talents on the unique and sometimes the absurd.

iPhone 5S Photography Project

A Little History

In Nov of 2013 my wife (Taira Lamphere) and I purchased new mobile phones.  She chose the Samsung Galaxy 4 and I chose the iPhone 5s.  At one time Photography was my entire life. It was then that I learned about and fell on love with pinhole photography. Pinhole Photography went the way of Doo Doo Bird with the advance of high res digital cameras. The art of printing from negative followed some time after. But the world of tomorrow had a replacement for pinhole and print lovers. Shockingly it was to be the modern smart phone . Despite the advanced hardware and technology built into my iPhone I liken the camera to the pinhole camera for a few different reasons all of which are personal, not technical.  The most noticeable reason being portability.

Pinholes do not require a lens to function thereby cutting size and weight down to a complete and utter minimum much like a smart phones compact size.  Pinholes are known for producing unique imagery which borders between the obscure and beautiful much like a Diana or, in todays modern world of technology, a smart phone. Of course there will be people that point out the technological genius of the camera found inside smart phones and they would be correct in doing so because Pinhole cameras are nothing like a smart phone with the exception that they are portable, produce unique imagery and are a breed unto themselves.  Therein lies the beauty of having a smart phone in your pocket.  In a world where the extraordinary has become the status-qou,  simplicity becomes more appealing.   At least to those people, like me, who have owned a Diana, or used a TLR loaded with T-MAX 100, Kodachrome 64 or slower films in the past. My modern day smart phone camera, with all of its technological brilliance and features, allows me to stop striving for perfection, accept the normal and embrace the mundane from a personal point of view.  And with one click, share it with the world.

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Favorite images from 2014 | See complete portfolio 
These images are taken directly from my iPhone and are unedited.


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The Worst 40 Meter Frequency to Visit: American Southwest / Southeast 7.195.00 Mhz

As a Ham, you’re an Ambassador to the world for your country. Take that role seriously! People are listening!
Let me preface what I have written here by stating this; I have no reason to lie about […]

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When Did Ham Radio Loose its Mission?

The fact is that ham radio never a had a mission other than to be a hobby; nothing more, nothing less.  But, depending on which frequency you’re listening to the answer may be yes, it […]

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