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A new personal project documenting Oklahoma’s historic & popular locations.

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I began keeping a personal journal at the beginning of 2014 as a way to document some events in my life and changes to my perspective on the world, and the people in it.  I don’t add much to this section of the site because I don’t have much to say to the public anymore.  When I do this is the place you can find it.

Lan Lamphere Blog


I’ve been a Ham Radio Operator since 1992.  In 2014 I built  an enormous station right in my backyard and recently earned the American Radio Relay League Worked All States (WAS) CW via the Logbook of the World.  This lead me to becoming a Morse Code instructor.  I’m an emergency communicator with several Federal endorsements.  I’m currently assisting the Pacific Maritime Mobile Service Network as a NCS on 15 meters.

Lan Lamphere


Having a rich history in Photography, I wanted to take my talents to the next level. So I taught myself video production which included shooting, lighting, script writing, direction, editing and motion video graphics.  I worked in this medium for a number of years.  Now, it’s all for fun.

Taira Lamphere - The Most Wonderful Best Friend and Bride

My Wonderful Bride

When I take an exceptionally interesting image it’s normally of my wonderful best friend and partner Taira.  I catch hell all the time because she looks so young.  She’s, without a doubt, older than she looks.  I believe she’s the most beautiful, amazing and sexy lady on planet Earth.  She’s so wonderful that we have to deal with trolls who stalk us.  I guess it’s okay.  After all, We’re living rent free right between their ears.  Those interested, for whatever reasons, may have a look at my latest creations here. Guilt free…
Lan Lamphere Photographer

Editorial / Photojournalism

Editorial photography is also known as Photojournalism and is simply a photograph that supports the printed word. That may be either news or advertising.  The photographs that go along with the articles – even the cover of the magazine. I’ve been shooting editorial imagery for magazines, television and educational media since 1995.  I know how to capture a story in imagery and I’m for hire.  Tell me what you need. I’ll get it for you… for a price.
Lan Lamphere Photographer

The Adventures of ‘Texas’ the Cat

Radio Amateurs around the world are familiar with our buddy and love of my wife’s life ’Texas’.  Without fail, every time I get on the lower bands, pounding out Morse Code on my Begali Blade straight key, my buddy Texas interrupts me with fierce attack on my leg, arm, or whatever he can get a hold of, sending me into a string of ‘dits and dahs’ that make zero sense. Texas hates Morse Code and seems to be determined to end anyone sending it in his presence.

’Free!’ Morse Code Instruction Audio

KC7RUN – Norman, Oklahoma

Need help or advise?  Drop me an email

H&8TH Oklahoma City OK

H&8th Night Market is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit event founded by Laura Massenat, owner of Elemental Coffee Roasters, Chef Jonathon Stranger, co-owner of neighborhood restaurants Ludivine and The R&J Lounge and Supper Club, and J.D. Merryweather, owner of Coop Ale Works, as a fun way to bring the neighborhood together and introduce Oklahoma City residents to new development in the Midtown district.

The seasonal event has become the largest monthly food truck festival in the U.S. based on attendance, drawing between 20,000 and 40,000 people each month during the 2014 season. The first H&8th was held August 26, 2011, included three food trucks and attracted approximately 200 people. The name H&8th refers to the event’s epicenter and place of origin: at the corner of Hudson Avenue and N.W. 8th Street.These images were shot for the Oklahoma Travel Guide for 2016.All images ©2015-present Lan and Taira Lamphere.
All rights reserved.Unauthorized use of our images will result in legal action. […]

About Me

In 2010 I began my own company specializing in online identity management after my online identity was stolen from me in 2009. My business specializes in assisting my clients with managing their business and personal online identity viability as well as high-end, professional website design and development to which my photography and video shooting and editing skills are now associated.

In addition to being a full time programmer I’m also a full time Photojournalist.  I work for several magazines and publications including the state of Oklahoma Wildlife Commission, The Oklahoma Tourism Board, Oklahoma Today Magazine and other publications in travel, exploration and special interest.
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I’m a radio amateur & member of the Amateur Auxiliary – call sign (KC7RUN).  You can normally find me in the CW/Morse Code portions of the band(s) as I’m a 100% Telegrapher.  I do not use Phone verity often.  More on Amateur Radio Actions.  I recently earned my  Worked All States (WAS) CW via LOTW from the American Radio Relay League.
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The easiest way to contact me is via my Twitter account.  You have to follow me in order to send me Direct Messages (DM) otherwise your comment will go in the trash. If you have something you want to say that takes up more than 142 characters you can use the contact page. Or if you have my phone number you could just call me.  Amateur radio operators: I’m good on QRZ.

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